• Arrive any time before 6:00. Please leave time for tolls, traffic, parking, and to get a seat. This is a restaurant, so you can arrive any time after we open at 11:00. Relax in the Hermann Wolff room with a cup of coffee and baklava!
  • 6:00 Performance
  • 7:00 Lebanese buffet by Mona

 Suggested Donation

We ask each attendee to pay $25/person to cover the cost of Mona’s food. You can help by bringing wine (or other beverage) or dessert. We can’t handle credit cards, so please bring either cash or check.

You can Pre-pay your donation via PayPal — send to or mail a check (Jackie Anderson, 1508 Emerson Ave., Mclean, VA 22101).


Important! You are NOT expected to bring food. If you would like to help, you could bring a dessert. (It would help to let us know in advance.) Wine (or other beverage) is definitely welcome; we may provide a bottle or 2. Mona will serve a buffet meal and then desserts immediately following the performance. Decaf coffee, tea and iced tea are available.


We would like to discourage you from bringing drinks into the music room for obvious reasons. Please turn off all electronic devices that emit sounds or light that could in any way distract others. If you want to take photographs, please ask — a limited number of people will be authorized to take pictures and share them with others who ask (this website will soon have pictures of previous performances.) If you think you may need to leave during the performance, please select a chair near the exit. If you arrive late, please enter the East end of the house (next to garage) and wait for applause to seat yourself. Also, please try to fill chairs at the far end of the rows so those seats are not difficult to access.


Parking on the street is limited and problematic. Parking at the Ethiopian church across the street is discouraged — we don’t really have permission to park there. However, if you drive down the paved entrance next to our driveway (labeled “Indiana Floor”) and park in front of the first building (“Matsys”), your car will definitely be there when you return to it!


Jackie and Bill now run two salon series. Check out for information on the series in Mclean. Jackie has been hosting salons since the mid 1970’s; they take place approximately once per month. Salons have nothing to do with Jackie’s ancestry! Jackie got the idea after taking a Smithsonian Associates’ class  on “The Salons of Europe”. She never intended this to be a “Salon”, but liked the idea of gathering people together for the purpose of listening to music or appreciating somebody’s art etc. This is a rare opportunity to see world-class talent in an intimate, informal setting.

Website Status

We’re still working on this website. The goal is for us to easily and accurately determine how many of you will attend. If you have suggestions on how we might improve things, please send an email using the form on the main page.