Salon 2015-09-27 — Myriam Avalos: Romance!

September 27, 2015 at 4:30 in Sterling, VA

Myriam Avalos:

Latin Romance!



Myriam says: “I will sing music that my parents grew up with -their beloved and romantic boleros; I will also sing some of the ballades and other tunes my three sisters and I used to sing together, in three or four part harmony. My two older sisters played the guitar then; I picked the guitar up by ear, and enjoyed singing for myself, for my mom and dad, and later on, for my girlfriends in my school. I love the poetry and themes of these songs -the unrequited love, abnegation, relinquishment, surrender , longines, loneliness.” (Myriam stopped singing at one point but began to sing again at one of Jackie’s “UnValentine” Parties.) “I also love fairy tales-songs, and songs which describe typical and folk situations.
Generally, I will sing tunes from Latin America, like a little musical tour. My favorite singer in this genre is Luis Miguel (sigh).”


(This isn’t Myriam’s real biography, which is quite impressive; she wrote this explanation, which I think fits this very unusual and wonderful program.)

My sisters and I formed a singing group called “Las hermanas Avalos” (Mariela, Roxana, Myriam and Carola) when we were in elementary school, and we sang at many festivals representing our school. One time, we sang at a fundraiser for our Conservatory of Music, where we attended. We played our classical instruments — piano, violin, solos duos and trios. Then we shocked everybody walking on stage with guitars and panderetas, dressed in short blue skirts and blue moccasins, and red shirts and tights, and sang and danced Beatles, and popular songs . Oh my, what a scandal it was! The Director, Mr. Malaga was very, very stern with us. But when my grandmother (who had proudly sewed the skirts for us) gave him “the look”, he did not dare say another word!! :). As my sisters graduated from school, and we all eventually traveled abroad, and our quartet disbanded. So, I sing alone most of the times (except when we sisters meet..that is a lot of fun).